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Textiles: Virtual to Actual

  • Jim McCann
  • Mariano deGuzman
  • Ellen Freeborn
  • Brooks Hagan
  • Christian Harris
  • Anjali Khemani
  • Clare King
  • Steve Marschner
  • Pat Trautman
  • William Vaughan
  • Math Whittaker


This workshop appeared as part of the Frontiers program at SIGGRAPH 2019.

The textiles industry accounts for 4% of the yearly productive output of the world. Textiles are everywhere: from clothing, to architecture, to medical devices. And graphics researchers have developed a wealth of techniques for the design, simulation, and rendering of virtual cloth. How can we put these results to work in the real world? What textiles research questions have we overlooked? Workshop attendees will hear from both textiles industry experts about problems graphics could solve, and from a few researchers who are already taking their results into the real world. Opportunities for the exploration of potential collaborations will be provided.